Welcome to iamhandmade.com - the home of the best handmade, luxury Irish soaps, body products, and hand crocheted items for you and your home. We make all our products with love, so that you can love them too! 

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Who are we?

First of all, we're soap crazy... we love making it, love looking at it, love using it, love selling it. Soap mad! 

We love colour, fragrance, design, art, the use of glitter ... we love swirls and twirls, light and dark, bubbly, fragrant, delicious, wonderful soap!

Secondly, we're also crazy for all sorts of other handmade goodies... delicious Double Whipped Body Butter, fizzing Bath Tub Bon Bons, scrubby Sugar Cream Body Polish and wonderfully soft and squishy hand crocheted scarves, blankets and other woolly wonders!

We source as many of our products as we possibly can from local Irish suppliers.  In fact, we've recently been able to source 95% of all our soap ingredients from a small family run business very close to our soap studio.  This means our being able to help support other local small businesses, which is vital to us.  

All our products are handmade, using only the very highest quality ingredients and materials, produced with love, care, passion and dedication, all handmade in Ireland and all for the modern discerning client.

Star Features:

We are very very proud of all our products - part of our ethos is that the products we make, from soap to crocheted scarves, is made by us, with love and care.  To do this, we believe that we need to not just meet the customers wants and needs, but exceed them.  In order to do this, we've ensured that there are specific Star Features for each of our products.  These are:

  • All our soaps, and body products are suitable for vegetarians
  • We list all the ingredients that go into each of our soaps and other products.  Why? Because, not only is it the law, but it's your right to know what you're buying.  We refuse to buy from sites that never list their ingredients so we make that you know what you're buying before you place your order with us
  • There are rigorous laws in place for cosmetics, including soaps, body butters and all products you use on your skin.  We abide by all these EU regluations, include no animal testing for any products, and all our products are fully safety assessed by a qualified cosmetic chemist as well as being fully insured 
  • We believe in ensuring there is still a world for our kids to grow up in - in order to help with this, we use biodegradable packaging, where at all possible
  • We are called iamhandmade for a reason... we try to handmake as much as possible, including our packaging! So even make all our own soap boxes... every single last one of them! 
  • We believe we make the best soap, body products and now crocheted items in Ireland! We want you to choose the original & the best, always

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